Introducing a collection of holistic, androgynous, fine jewelry.

Dating back to ancient Mesopotamia, the eye has been a symbol for spiritual expansion and protection through time immemorial. This powerful symbol denotes a bridge between the universal consciousness within and without.

Known as the ‘Evil Eye’ or the ‘Protective Eye’ across several ancient traditions- this symbol relinquishes negativity and dispels malintent offering divine protection to the wearer.

The Gaze collection incorporates this renowned symbol. Handcrafted ceramic eyes are affixed to Hindu religious statues commonly found on Indian idols.The deeper we go into our genealogies, our cultures, our practices, and our languages, the more horizontally spread out they become.

The eye is a conceptual language that valorizes the sculptural fragment as a bearer of personal and social memory, history, mythology, and phenomeno-logical experience. Set in 18 ct Rose Gold and Diamonds, this collection exudes chic, androgynous design and the finest craftsmanship.

ley mettz

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Rose Gold Chain – INR 75,000

Rose Gold and Diamond Gaze Pendant - INR 60,000

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Small Gaze Chandelier Earrings - INR 165,000

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Long Gaze Earrings – INR 131,000

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Big Gaze Chandelier Earrings - INR 246,000

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Gaze by
Ley mettz